Group Management

Bjørn Kjos  

Bjørn Kjos, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Kjos (born 1946) has been the Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian since October 2002. Before this, Kjos was Chairman during the start-up period of the Boeing 737 operation from June to September 2002. He is one of the founding partners of Norwegian Air Shuttle and was Chairman of the Board between 1993 and 1996. He also has 20 years experience from legal practice, and was granted the right of audience in the Supreme Court in 1993. In addition, he was a fighter pilot in the 334 squadron for six years. Kjos is a law graduate from the University of Oslo. As of December 31 2014, he holds 7,440,232 shares in the company and has 100,000 stock-options. Mr. Kjos is a Norwegian citizen.

Frode E. Foss  

Frode E. Foss, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Foss (born 1968) has been Chief Financial Officer of Norwegian since he joined the company in its start-up year in 2002. Mr. Foss is a member of the Board of Directors of Norwegian Finance Holding ASA (Bank Norwegian). He also has eight years experience from auditing and management consulting services with Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young. He received his Financial Analyst charter (CFA) in 2002. Foss holds an MBA and a MSc in Finance from the UW, USA. As of December 31 2014, he holds 35,000 shares in the company and has 100,000 stock-options. Mr. Foss is a Norwegian citizen.

Asgeir Nyseth  

Asgeir Nyseth, CEO Norwegian UK
Mr. Nyseth (born 1957) is CEO of Norwegian UK (NUK). He started as Norwegian's Chief Operational Officer in 2006. Mr. Nyseth has extensive experience as an aeronautics engineer from both Lufttransport and Scandinavian Airlines. In 2000 he became CEO of Lufttransport and prior to this he was the technical director of Lufttransport for three years. Nyseth has conducted officer training school and technical education at the Norwegian Air Force. As of December 31 2014, he holds 12,342 shares in the company and has 100,000 stock-options. Mr. Nyseth is a Norwegian citizen.


Geir Steiro, Chief Operating Officer Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
Geir Steiro (born 1957) was is Norwegian Air Shuttle’s COO and took over the responsibility for the company's 737 operation shortly after he started working for Norwegian as Technical Director in 2013. Before he came to Norwegian, Geir Steiro worked at Aker Solutions Subsea AS, and has previous experience from NSB and SAS. He has also worked in the technical department of several airlines, and has held several managerial positions. Steiro holds a degree in mechanical engineering, he is a certified aircraft mechanic and has completed several management courses. As of December 31 2014, he holds no shares in the company and has 10,000 stock-options. Mr. Steiro is a Norwegian citizen.

Anne-Sissel Skånvik  

Anne-Sissel Skånvik, Chief Communications Officer
Anne-Sissel Skånvik (born 1959) has been Chief Communications Officer in Norwegian since 2009. She came to Norwegian from a position as Senior Vice President at Telenor ASA, where she was responsible for corporate communications and governmental relations. Skånvik was the Deputy Director General in The Ministry of Finance between 1996 and 2004. She also worked as a journalist for many years for various Norwegian newspapers. She has more than 30 years of experience working with corporate communications and journalism. Skånvik holds a Master’s degree in political science ("Cand. Polit") from the University of Oslo she also has a degree in journalism. As of December 31 2014, she holds no shares in the company and has 50,000 stock-options. Ms. Skånvik is a Norwegian citizen.

Thomas Ramdahl  

Thomas Ramdahl, Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Ramdahl (born 1971) has been Chief Commercial Officer since 2014. He has been Norwegian’s Director of Network Development and part of the company’s commercial management team since 2008. Mr. Ramdahl has extensive experience in the aviation industry and he has previously worked for SAS and Braathens, where he has held positions in Revenue Management, Route Management and Charter. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Norwegian School of Business (BI). As of December 31 2014, he holds no shares in the company and has 15,000 stock-options. Mr. Ramdahl is a Norwegian citizen.

Gunnar Martinsen  

Gunnar Martinsen, Chief Human Resources Officer
Gunnar Martinsen (born 1949) joined Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA in 2002 as Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development. He is also a member of the Supervisory Council in Bank Norwegian and he was a part of the start-up team of Norwegian in 1993. Prior to his position in Norwegian, he has held HR leadership roles in different companies, such as Busy Bee of Norway and Radisson SAS. Martinsen has extensive experience from organizational development and human resources from several industries, among others as a management consultant. He holds a degree from the Norwegian School of Management (BI). As of December 31 2014, he holds 9,404 shares in the company and has 50,000 stock-options. Mr. Martinsen is a Norwegian citizen.


Frode Berg  

Frode Berg, Chief Legal Officer
Frode Berg (born 1968) has been Norwegian’s Chief Legal Officer since February 2013. He was as a partner of the law firm Simonsen Vogt Wiig from 2007 and he has practiced as a lawyer since 1997. As a lawyer, Mr. Berg’s main fields have been corporate law, transactions and international contracts, and he was legal advisor to Norwegian during the start-up phase, as well as during the establishment of Bank Norwegian. He holds a Law degree and a Bachelor Degree in Economics from the University of Tromsø, and a Master’s Degree (LL.M) from the University of Cambridge. As of December 31 2014, he holds no shares in the company and has 20,000 stock-options. Mr. Berg is a Norwegian citizen.

Dag Skage  

Dag Skage, Chief Information Officer
Dag Skage (born 1972) has been Chief Information Officer since October 2014. Prior to this he held the position as Executive Director in Ernst & Young's IT Advisory unit. He has extensive experience with management consulting, including BearingPoint and Andersen Business Consulting. Skage holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Management (BI) with additional education in IT management and project management (Master of Management from BI). As of December 31 2014, he holds no shares in the company and has no stock-options. Mr. Skage is a Norwegian citizen.


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