Greek beaches in a class of their own

Greece, which has long been one of the most popular summer destinations, has approximately 2000 islands and is known for its stable summer weather. Rhodes is the sunniest place in Europe, offering 320 days of sun a year, with Crete and Corfu hot on its heels. You are never far from a beach on these fantastic islands, and here are six of them that take a lot of beating:

1. Rhodes is home to Ladikos beach, famous from the film "Guns of Navarone" starring Anthony Quinn, which tempts you with its calm sea.

2. Jump in the sea from a rope, or even bounce off a trampoline at La Grotta on Corfu. This is the place where all young daredevils gather.

3. If you are looking for love, why not take a swim through the canal of love, Canal d’Amour, on Corfu. According to the myths, you will find love on the other side....

4. On the south side of Crete, close to the seaside town of Matala, are a number of caves that in the 60s and 70s were homes to hippies! Among the dramatic cliffs and the black sand, the water is clear and perfect for snorkelling.

5. If you think that the wind whispering in the palms is the only thing missing from your holiday, you can visit the beach at Vai on eastern Crete. This is where you'll find the only palm trees on the island.

6. In the unlikely event of your becoming tired of the hot Mediterranean, you could try a trip to Crete's only lake, Kournas, which lies in the foothills of the "white mountains". 

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