Inflight entertainment - North America and Asia
Entertainment on board

While cruising to your destination we want to bring you the world to your seat. Your own seatback touch screen is your tool for inspiration, entertainment and refreshments.

- Choose between hundreds of hours of entertainment through one of the most modern entertainment systems in the world
- Swipe your credit card, open a tab and order the snacks and drinks of your choice through your own personal Snack Bar
- Kids never get bored when choosing from a wide selection of movies, music and audio books

Entertainment on board
Snack Bar
Between main servings you can order and purchase snacks and drinks from your touch screen. Choose from a wide selection of refreshments, when you want it. Pay by swiping your card on your touch screen and the crew will be right over with the refreshments of your personal choice.

Duty Free
Browse through our catalogue of duty free products and prepare your order by adding products to your own wish list. When the tax free trolley comes down the aisle, pick up your wish list and purchase the duty free products of your selection.

Video on demand
Your own personal seatback touch screen is filled with an eclectic selection of blockbuster movies, classics, TV-shows and Kid’s TV. Never get bored with movies and TV-shows from all over the world.
Your personal soundtrack
Choose the soundtrack of your journey from a library of hundreds of albums and playlists. Norwegian loves quality music as much as you do, and we do our best for our passengers to get tuned in to their destination with the right tracks.

Listen with the headset you love
If you care for music, you probably bring your own favorite headset everywhere. Say goodbye to using airline specific headsets with two or three pins. Now you can bring your own headsets or buy a headset onboard.

Never run out of battery
Maintain or charge power on your own device through the USB connector installed in your personal touch screen. If you have brought your laptop, don’t worry as all seats has access to an international power outlet.
Norwegian offers good travel services both prior to and during your travels:
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