Norwegian Travel Assistant
When travelling, it is important to have access to all information regarding your flight.

The Norwegian Travel Assistant makes it easier for you to enjoy your trip. Tickets,
boarding cards, completed flights, important messages
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Tickets in order:

All information about your flights is neatly sorted in a separate travel folder, which is automatically updated in the event of changes. This means that you can access all the information you have downloaded, and you will not need access to the Internet.

Intelligent travel information:

The Norwegian Travel Assistant provides you with a clear overview of arrivals and departures, enabling you to quickly find the answer by suggesting the nearest airport. Perhaps the people waiting for you at home can benefit from the Travel Assistant?
Useful information about downloading data in the app:

The Norwegian Travel Assistant is based on data, which is stored on servers in Norway. For the app to be able to display your travel information, you need to download the travel documents. This is done just once per trip, provided that you are logged on to the app. The app checks for updates every time you start the app, however. It also checks for status reports for your flight (delays, gate changes, etc.) every five minutes. Check with your mobile phone provider how much it costs to use data traffic abroad. If you use the Norwegian Travel Assistant on a Wifi network, no mobile charges will be incurred.
Norwegian offers good travel services both prior to and during your travels:
WiFi WiFi Direct to gate Direct to gate
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